Investment Optimizer™

TG OPTIMA Investment Optimizer™ sets a new standard in strategic investment optimization. From portfolio construction to pre-trade planning, our optimization platform streamlines the complex implementation process and facilitates a paradigm shift in optimal trading strategy and investment
decision making.

>> How Investment Optimizer Add Value to the Buy Side (Mutual Fund, Hedge Fund, Pension Fund and Index Fund)

- Facilitate integration of investing and trading strategies
- Turn pre‐trade TCA into actionable tools with proactive cost control
- Extend risk management to multiple processes across investment lifecycle
- Enhance investment return and reduce trading cost with integrated trade horizon

>> How Investment Optimizer Add Value to the Sell Side (Risk Desk, Program Trading, ETF Trading, Equity Swap, Block Desk, Electronic Market Making, Central Book Desk and Transition Management)

- Provide better client service in trade generation and execution planning
- Fulfill risk book management and hedging without hard market impact
- Strategically enhance portfolio/ program trading and risk pricing
- Facilitate financial product development, design and market‐making

>> Powerful Optimization Algorithms

TG OPTIMA Investment Optimizer leverages years of experience in mathematical programming and quantitative modeling. Our powerful optimization technology delivers high performance Optimizer tailored for the sophisticated financial markets.

>> Broker-Neutral Open Data System Delivers:

- Confidentiality: embeded database stores proprietary model and data locally.
- Transparency: comprehensive planning options and reports provide full control and unbiased analysis.
- Efficiency: Excel-interfaced frontend and graphic “what-if” analysis moves workflow in fast pace.